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Galerie de la Marine Galerie des Ponchettes

Jacques Martinez : #8, 2016 - Acrylique sur toile et techniques mixtes ,130x195, photo Grégoire Gardette

«I believe that there are three different ways to go through the world.
There is the approach of those who want to understand, they are the scientists.
The approach of those who want to change things,
This is for the politicians…

And then, there is the approach of those who want to build the world.
To build it with objects, with paintings, with houses, with poems; this is the artists’ way, this is mine »

(Excerpt from the film Jacques Martinez Express by Marthe-Sophie)

The battle of flowers – Galerie des Ponchettes
Under the arches of the Galerie des Ponchettes, « La Bataille des fleurs » offers the vistors a colour drop «There are flowers everywhere, for those who want to see them » (Il y a des fleurs partout, pour qui veut bien les voir), wrote Henri Matisse, who exhibited in the same gallery in 1947. This sentence introduces the exhibition and welcomes the visitors walking in the Galerie des Ponchettes.
This space comprises 11 large canvases (130×195 cm) with different techniques, from the Chinese brush to some very personal techniques, confining us inside a round of colours and inviting us to share the pleasure we can easily imagine the artist in his studio…
Evocation of the triumph of life, these «flowers» which cross «the skies», recalling those which we can still see launched from the floats during carnival, are forever inscribed in Jacques Martinez’ memories. They are one of the incarnations of Nice, the city he never left and that he will never leave completely.
«Under these arches, everything is just colours, blues, yellows, reds, pinks, greens, purples to say without really perhaps describing them, irises, carnations, pinks, mimosas which burst into a bouquet every year around February in the blue sky of the Baie des Anges, the time of battles of flowers. » explains Jacques Martinez.

La bataille des heures – GALERIE DE LA MARINE
According to a specific device, «The Battle of the Hours» brings together various works, which have only one thing in common, black and white, paintings, drawings, scrap metal, bronzes are arranged in the various alcoves and central spans of the gallery.
We find there what one could also call «The battle of the Studio ». That is to say, the time of a work which is the artist’s progressing in his work day by day. A work rarely seen, maybe seen one day, maybe never shown. No one knows.
«My studio is more than walls, a place, a land, my life, the world of mine, this Southern Europe, this Latin Europe, this Judeo-Catholic Europe. »
We could compare these moments to those which Bertrand Bonello called in his exhibition, at the Centre Pompidou, in 2014, «Ghost Films». Bertrand Bonello who will compose two musical moments for each of the spaces in Jacques Martinez’ exhibition. A ghost exhibition therefore, with reference to the omnipresent themes in the artist’s work.
In this space we find three «chapters». An «abstract» sequence, a «landscape» sequence and a «figure» sequence punctuating this battle of the hours, bringing out Jacques Martinez «natural philosophy» based on asceticism and silence.
The Baous and their mystery are not far away. Burnt wooden silhouettes of characters glimpsed in our dreams, mosaics of recycled pieces.

Exhibition Journal

    Exhibition curator:

    Hélène Jourdan-Gassin

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