Didier Demozay



Galerie des Ponchettes

Didier Demozay - Sans titre 2013 - Acrylique sur toile - 190 x 230 cm. © Didier Demozay - Photo Muriel Anssens

MAMAC organises at the Galerie des Ponchettes an exhibition devoted to Didier Demozay. The artist presents 15 large canvases made between 2007 and 2015, hitherto unseen for the major part, which he defines as coloured surfaces.
Didier Demozay was born in 1950.
He studied at the National School of Decorative Arts of Nice.
As early as 1975, Didier Demozay, influenced by Sam Francis’ works on paper that he discovered in Paris Jean Fournier Gallery, but also by minimalists, as well as BMPT’s researches and Supports/Surfaces group, started to paint his firsts free canvases.

Didier Demozay is part of the MAMAC’s collections with a painting on free canvas made in 1982.

I do not give signification to my paintings… what I give is « paint », painted surfaces confronting themselves in an area. It’s only colour that shapes the white in the canvas, in a fragile balance.

My painting is not to bee seen as a finished painting, to which nothing must be added, but rather as an ongoing painting. Leaving the painting in the state of a process, and of a following, going on exploring limits. Seeking, doubting, provoking, destructing, starting one’s work again, no to freeze it, leaving the paint, the colour, where it becomes impossible.

Exhibition Journal

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