Dessous de Cartes



Opening view on Friday September 25, 2015 at 7 p.m.

Contemporary Gallery of MAMAC

Vue de l’exposition dessous de Cartes, MAMAC, 2015

« If life is a deck of cards, we are born without knowing the rules. »

How do you make the link between the museum and the public?
Giving the public content for thought, guiding them without limiting them, letting them perceive and imagine, are the challenges of mediation: putting the visitor at the centre of the museum system, making the works visible and “readable” by as many people as possible. The museum’s educational mission, affirmed since the 18th century, is variable, but it is agreed to consider the museum as a place of encounter and discovery, of knowledge and apprehension of the works. From this point of view, mediation, approached through different forms, tends to arouse the visitor’s interest, attraction, understanding and delight in a purely emotional appropriation of the works.
With these elements, the exhibition, developed by the Learning Department, is conceived as a research laboratory. Thanks to various tools, the analysis of the work makes sense and gives way to imagination: questions about the techniques used to create the work are answered, some of the secrets of the canvas are revealed, some of the mysteries of the artists are unveiled.

Artists: Enrica Borghi ; Max Charvolen ; Noël Dolla ; Philippe Gronon ; Alain Jacquet ; Yves Klein ;  Emmanuel Régent ;  Niki de Saint Phalle ; Daniel Spoerri ; Xavier Theunis ; Claude Viallat.

Exhibition curator:

Lélia Mori, cultural mediator at MAMAC

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