Collectors. From painting to object.



Opening view on Friday February 20, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Contemporary Gallery of MAMAC Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, MAMAC shed light on its collection through the whole museum building and highlighted one of its main missions. Hence COLLECTORS – referring to collect, preserve and share with the public – displays more than 200 works representing a quarter of its permanent collection).
The aim is to enhance the value of the permanent collection while renewing public interest in modern and contemporary art. This display wishes to provoke discovery and emotion in the curious visitor, but also revelation and aesthetic shock; the exhibition unfolds some of the prominent issues in art from the 1960’s to nowadays.
As an essential part of the permanent collection, COLLECTORS is a journey through the art of assemblage, through the use of the raw or scrap object, often coming from consumerist society, ultimately metamorphosing into a collector’s item. A rigorous selection of American Pop Art works forms a first coherent composition followed by supporters of Minimalism, Conceptual Art and a third French movement with, more particularly, Supports-Surfaces. This selection puts into perspective the New Realists and then the Ecole de Nice through an approach focused on the art of attitudes and the object. Niki de Saint Phalle and Yves Klein have still an exceptional place. The 1980’s follow and are illustrated by Free and American Figuration as well as the latest trends, sometimes leaving room for individuality.
The potentiality of the gesture, the poetic recycling of reality or Post Human, themes of this new exhibition, offer the visitor a broad and innovative vision of the artistic stakes of contemporary art around the relationship between the French and American avant-gardes from the early 1960’s to nowadays.

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