Barbara & Michael LEISGEN



Contemporary Gallery of MAMAC

Barbara und Michael Leisgen, Twilight, 1973
Photographie noir et blanc gélatine argentique sur papier baryté contrecollé sur Dibond, 80 x120 cm, Ex. 2/3
© Adagp, Paris, 2021

Mamac presents a series of works by the artist couple Barbara and Michael Leisgen, recently on deposit at the museum.

Barbara (1940-2017) and Michael Leisgen (1944) developed a series of photographs from the early 1970s depicting Barbara Leisgen’s body in a natural environment with which she seems to merge. The empathy with natural elements is built up with particular attention to the upheavals of the landscape: like living entities, clouds born or dies, the sun hides or reappears.
Their work also reflects the encounter between a battered nature and powerless artists, who try to build foundations for a possible resistance language.
The photographs are in dialogue with a set of rarely shown videos from the 1970s, highlighting the singularity of their embodied and poetic conceptual approach.

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