Wednesday April 28 at 8:30 pm: Ignition of Yves Klein’s “Wall of Fire” presented by the actor Felicien Chauveau


Mur de feu,Yves Klein 1961 / 1990.
© Photo : Pierre Boulat / Cosmos

To celebrate Yves Klein’s birthday, the MAMAC has invited the actor Felicien Chauveau, of the collective La Machine, to present a live performance on the occasion of the ignition of the “Wall of Fire”.

Yves Klein made his first “Fire Painting” in 1957 in the garden of the Colette Allendy gallery in Paris on the opening night of the “Monochrome Propositions” exhibition. The artist lit sixteen Bengal fires fixed on a blue monochrome. He pursued his exploration of fire as a plastic element a few years later in a monographic exhibition at the Krefeld Museum in 1961. Klein then had a structure of fifty double Bunsen burners and a fire fountain.
Upon a project developed in collaboration with the Yves Klein succession, an edition of the Wall of Fire made of two metal elements and ten rows of Bunsen burners running on town gas, was installed on the south terrasse of the MAMAC in 1990, then renovated thanks to the support of PRIMAGAZ in 2019.

*Lighting limited by weather conditions.

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