MAMAC | I WATCH : interactif content

MAMAC | I WATCH : interactif content

Video content to devour with your eyes! After movie, animated film, sightseeing tours and filmed memories of our events on the programme.

A sound installation by Benjamin Fincher in the heart of the Niki de Saint Phalle room, on the 3rd floor of MAMAC, inspired by Jean Tinguely’s 1978 work “Relief bleu”. “This work is fascinating because of its imposing size, almost threatening when in movement, but also because of the sounds it produces. Squealing, rubbing, the humming of the engine… With this installation, I propose to highlight this sound aspect by using a set of microphones, effects and loudspeakers placed at different points in the exhibition room”. Benjamin Fincher.

Projection of a choreographic piece.
Conception & choreography: Laurence Marthouret. Interpretation: Angélique Pacchiotti. Music: Patrick Marcland. Computer music director & sound engineer: Camille Giuglaris (CIRM). Production: Cie /TranS/. Recording and editing: Ricardo Aquacheta.

For the first time, MAMAC was to carry out a unique collaboration with the National Choreographic Centre BALLET PRELJOCAJ – and invite for this nocturne the GUID project to take possession of the museum.

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