MAMAC | I PLAY : interactif content

MAMAC | I PLAY : interactif content

Collections Game Book
To discover the collections as a family, print this booklet and surf on our online collection to help you find the answers!

“My Museum in KIT”
Offered to families for free visits, our KITS are available to all those wishing to discover MAMAC in a new and fun way or to continue the adventure from the beach.

Quizz for teens – Collection
For the teenagers, quizzes are also available, covering the main questions asked by the artists of the museum, in order to widen their knowledge of art history

Education labels
In addition, the kids’ labels in the museum rooms next to the works of art are also available. You can use them as a basis for study, but you can also print them out and play “Who’s Who?” by combining our labels with printed images of the works on display.

Useful informations

Discover new contents for Kids and family.

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