Discovering Pop Culture


mars aux musées 2021

What if we came, just for a little while, to talk to you about pop culture, what would you say?

Pop culture is a bit of everything, an expression that we pronounce, events, ideas, images that unite us, that singularize an era, a society. Because pop culture is a little bit everything we know; from Bardot to Gainsbourg, from Warhol’s electric colors to sequins; the pop years are the years we would have liked to live. Years of freedom, creation, cohesion, but also, years of commitment and opposition. We think back to Gainsbourg’s Marseillaise to his onomatopoeia of Comic Strip and then Warhol and his serial portraits, from Marilyn to Mao. Now, if the pop years were only this, not to say, already a lot, there were still others, atypical and striking artists; this year, in the middle of all these actors, a woman, a great woman came to blend into the set; Madame Sister Corita. For in art, everything is possible, everything is possible, one day this young woman, who by entering the Catholic order will become one of the most outstanding artists of the time. Because Corita Kent also works in silkscreen printing. And what’s beautiful about art is that you can see it all; a good artist sister in a place where another was shooting at religion and society; Niki de Saint-Phalle. Within the Nouveaux Réalistes, pop artists come to add their imprint. Mixed with Klein’s blue, Saint-Phalle’s shooting and Jean Tinguely’s mechanical installations.

So let your senses play, observe this palette of nuances and beauty.

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