Arty Thursday Special Amazons 26.08.2021


© la petite cabine, photo Gaelle Simon

Thursday 26th August 2021
7 p.m – 10.30 p.m

7 p.m – 8p.m Short Mediations
Exhibition 2nd Floor and Sosno Amphitheater
Participate in short mediations on the exhibition “The Amazons of Pop”, as well as in an outdoor workshop focused on Pop Art’s heroins.

7 p.m Theatrical show “Le Speakerines Show” with the Cie L’albatros & l’éléphant
Discover an original theatrical performance created for the MAMAC’s anniversary exhibition “The Amazons of Pop”. This show, presented by two women announcers, dressed as pin-up girls from the 60s, invites you to a crazy lecture inspired by Jacques Demy’s musicals. They talk about the woman of yesterday, today and tomorrow with the words of Simone de Beauvoir and Olympe de Gouge. Let yourself be tempted by this journey back in time so Sixties!
Show co-created with the MAMAC.
With Bénédicte Allard & Mélissa Prat.
Costums : Aurore Lane
Reservation required:

8 p.m Women’s trio concert with the Cie Triphase and La Petite Cabine
Explore French, English and Italian popular songs, in pop, jazz and even ethnic rythms with a trio composed by women. The three of them are singers and actresses, their voices unite to talk about the world, love, desire, and about their concerns as women and artists. From Brigitte Bardot to France Gall or Barbara, la Petite Cabine will fill the air with these popular texts and melodies, to create a moment of weightlessness in harmony with an harp, a piano, and electronic music.
With Aliénor de Georges, Marion Llombart and Jennifer Maria.
Dramaturgy : Frédéric De Goldfie

9 p.m Screening by Le Cercle Rouge – The Counter-Parties at the MAMAC
During the Arty Thursday at the MAMAC, Ben Walter and Le Cercle Rouge offer their counter-parties, a concept of parties very much associated with French culture, when a party is thrown at the same time than the other, competing against it. A subjective status, compared to more “legitimate” parties, that we stand for through our different events where we set the screen and projectors up in towns squares, bookshops, bars, restaurants or cafés, etc. These screenings similar to funfair shows, to the cinema early days, allow the spectators another way of understanding and grasping artworks outside the dedicated spaces.
Program :
Manufrance by Valérie Mréjen (5’ – France – Art video – 2006)
Pictures from catalogs Manufrance from the 70’s tell the ideal day of a housewife.
Couples by Maria Lassning (10’ – Austria/United States – Animation – 1972)
The tone is lyrical, the voices are true, the bodies are basic : a couple talks on the phone and in bed (a Dom Juan and his victim). “You helped me, you made me strong, but you can’t blame me for anything. When someone loves this intensely, they pay it with their life.”
La chanson by Tiphaine Raffier (31′ – France – Fiction – 2018)
In a strange city, Pauline, Barbara and Jessica are childhood friends. Together, they dream of winning a doppelganger contest. When Pauline decides to leave the group to write songs, she rips apart the group’s balance.
Go ! Go ! Go ! by Marie Menken (11’30 – United States – Experimental – 1962/1964)
The main themes of the film are the diverse New-York City neighborhoods, as well as the humans, slave to their job. A tour de force on men’s activities.
Word in progress by Chloé Mazlo (5’ – France – Animation – 2010)
Abecedary created during the residency of the collective Studiobüro at the Galerie Issue.
Semiotics of the kitchen by Martha Rosler (6’ – United States – Vidéo d’Art – 1975)
In Semiotics of the Kitchen, Martha Rosler plays in front of the camera as a culinary hostess presenting multiple kitchen ustensils. She goes through the alphabet, showing a different kitchen ustensil for every letter. Her physical interaction with the objects is sudden and violent, a gesture of frustration with the domestic language as the kitchen becomes a field of resistance and change.
Which is witch ? by Marie Losier (6’ – France – Experimental – 2020)
Louis II of Bavaria is petrified in ice since the beginnings of times. He is found in a forest, luckily he is alive! Three witch sisters try to unfreeze him and to pierce his musical mystery. We are thrown in with them in a colorful and surrealist fairytale.
Reservation required:

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Free entry from 6 p.m
Museum closing at 10:30 p.m


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