Arty Party 2 at the MAMAC 23.07.2021


© François Stemmer

Friday 23rd July 2021
5 pm – 10.30 pm

5 pm “1 Teenager / 1 Work of Art” with Le Collectif La Machine and the director François Stemmer
Museum Showrooms

Le Collectif La Machine invites the director François Stemmer to create together the performance “1 Teenager / 1 Work of Art”.
“1 Teenager / 1 Work of Art” is a performance journey in which the works of art of the Museum will echo the artistic practices of young artists-to-be. An encounter between a completed work of art and a growing, evolving young human being. Free entrance

5 pm to 7 pm “Electronic Naps” with Bébé Tambour/Baby Drum & Benjamin Fincher

The music of the electronic naps could be described as “ambient” electronic music; that is to say, a music intended to create an atmosphere through sound textures, and which would encourage the listeners to let themselves daydream.
Free entrance

7 pm “The sound of the butterfly” with the Cie Bal (Arts Légers) in collaboration with 19 Boulevard Bouillon

We need some air. We need spirit, elves, we need to fight for the survival of what is useless: poetry, gesture and speech in the air, feet on the ground dancing instead of walking straight.
We need slowness and dizziness at the same time and keep smiling. To give it back to the statues. We invite you to rest on clouds as pillows. Perfect for listening to the sound of the butterfly.
Free entrance

8 pm Theatrical performance “The Speakerines Show” with Cie L’Albatros and L’Eléphant

This show presented by two female announcers, dressed as pin-up girls from the 60s, invites you to a crazy lecture inspired by Jacques Demy’s musicals. They talk about the woman of yesterday, today and tomorrow with the words of Simone de Beauvoir and Olympe de Gouge. Let yourself be tempted by this journey back in time so Sixties!
With Bénédicte Allard & Mélissa Prat
Costums : Aurore Lane
Reservation required:

9 pm Live Concert with Benoît Berrou

Benoît Berrou has been practicing the art of improvising ever since he discovered music. Electric guitar, bow and ukulele harnessed to the chest, he plunges into instant creativity. Whether his film-concerts or invoking the voices of artists, Yves Klein, Matisse, Paul Eluard, Bukowski, Kandinsky and René Char, to transcend them in his unleashed improvisations.

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Free entrance from 6 pm.
The museum will close at 10.30 pm.
Catering stands with Néron glacier

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