Go on! This toolbox provides a variety of activities as well as complete content on the museum’s collections, for all audiences, to develop or prepare for your visit, whether you come on your own or accompanied by one of our Museum Educators!

Briefcase, work legends, game book, quizzes, guide, etc… So many entries to access knowledge, play and share, for the young and old!

MAMAC regularly offers discovery sessions on these tools. So, dont’miss any session: see our events.

The Exhibitions

Discover the educational kits dedicated to the exhibitions!

Coming soon : “The objects’ theater by Daniel Spoerri”

Booklets-games and teen quizzes

For kids [from 6 to 12 years old]

Also available in the rooms, booklets-games are devoted to the children aged from 6 to 12, to discover temporary exhibitions and permanent collections in a playful and educational way.

You can also discover the museum’s works from your sofa thanks to our online collection. Let us guide you through our MicMac track game at MAMAC to learn how to use our search engine.

  • MicMac at MAMAC

Mais aussi :

  • Find out the error! Anomalies have slipped in among the works, will you be able to spot them?
  • The Pixel works: a smarty-pants mixed the colours of the works. Can you restore them?
  • “My Museum in KIT”: Offered to families for free visits, our KITS are available to all those wishing to discover MAMAC in a new and fun way or to continue the adventure from the beach. Distributed on request at the museum ticket office and at the Nice Tourist Office.

For teens [from 12 to 18 years old]

For the teenagers, quizzes are also available, covering the main questions asked by the artists of the museum, in order to widen their knowledge of art history.

And still:

We share our tips with you here, but we also know that many of you create your own visiting tools (questionnaires, treasure hunt, etc…), we would be delighted to receive them, for our own discovery!

Catalogue of activities and Tutorials

To get ideas or book a tailored workshop!

In the perspective of a workshop at MAMAC or simply to discover our artists in a different way, browse through the museum’s catalogue of activities and choose the one that suits you best! You can also get inspiration from our video tutorials to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

  • Catalogue of activities
  • Tutorials

The museum’s guidelines

Short guide for self-guided and guided tours.

Registration forms

Find the registration forms for guided tours and self-guided groups, as well as our satisfaction survey.


Don’t hesitate to discover our little visitor’s guide, for a peaceful visit with your family!

But where are we? This museum map helps you to locate the emblematic works of MAMAC and to prepare your visit peacefully!

Educational sheets and labels for kids

To prepare for your visit, pick up your favorites among the suggested themes below. You think about other themes? Don’t hesitate to tell us!

  • Key artists

In addition, the kids’ labels in the museum rooms next to the works of art are also available. You can use them as a basis for study, but you can also print them out and play “Who’s Who?” by combining our labels with printed images of the works on display!

Pedagogical boxes

The boxes are devices dedicated to the museum’s permanent collection that offer an alternative way to discover the creative techniques of artists in a hands-on way!

Les Môm’art (kids’ art)

Every 1st Wednesday of the month at 11.00 am. Created by the artist Eve Pietruschi, the two museum boxes are available to all on request. They are dedicated to the museum’s permanent collection. They offer an alternative way of discovering the artists’ creative techniques working hand-on-hand.

By reservation only
Age range: 5 to 11 years old. Maximum 12 participants.
Rates: Free for children under 13 years old. 6,10€ + Admission fee for accompanying persons.
Duration: 1h30.

Self-guided tour groups

The boxes are at the disposal of the groups on self-guided tour subject to acceptance of the educational project and after reception of the registration form for the self-guided tour and the Loan Charter duly completed and signed

  • Loan Charter for groups

On reservation only (to be mentioned in the self-guided visit registration form)
Age range: from 5 to 11 years old. 30 participants maximum.
Rates: free.
Duration: 1h30.

The Hunt for Clues

A device specifically dedicated to self-guided preschool classes.

When you book a self-guided tour, do not hesitate to ask for a hunt for clues once your date has been confirmed with the education team. Can be done in a short time, adapted to the children’s rhythm (about 45 minutes), this tour consists of the setting up by us of small tokens all over the museum’s permanent collections. With the help of a quiz (we have written down the answers to make it easier for you!), the kids have to find the answers to the questions and thus identify the corresponding works. For each correct answer, a token placed near the work is to be picked up. A mini-game completes each question.

There are 4 quizzes for 4 teams but you can do less depending on the number of accompanying persons who are present. Simply inform the education team at the time of your request.

This game offers a fun visit of the museum without a guide. On request and according to our availability, the museum team will position the clue-hunting tokens on the day of your visit. You must print out the quizzes and bring them with you on the day of your visit. There is no need for a pencil but a hard surface for each quiz is recommended.
We thank you after your visit to return the tokens collected at the museum reception desk.

On reservation only (to be mentionned in the self-guided visit registration form)
Age range: from 3 to 5 years old.
Rates: Free.
Duration: 30mn to 1 hour.

Chasse aux indices dans le cadre de l’Anniversaire de l’Art inspiré de Robert Filliou – 17 janvier 2020 Jean DUPUY 1925, Moulins (Allier, France) Le Sagittaire 2007 Huile sur toile 200 x 200 cm Don de l’artiste Suite à l’exposition Jean Dupuy, Galerie contemporaine du MAMAC, 18 janvier-25 mars 2007 en 2007 Inv. : 2007.6.1 © Adagp, Paris Crédit photographique : Muriel Anssens/Ville de Nice
Visite guidée des collections permanentes Legende : Niki de SAINT PHALLE 1930, Neuilly-sur-Seine (Seine) – 2002, San Diego (Californie, États-Unis) Nana noire upside down 1965 – 1966 Peinture, tissu et laine sur grillage 150 x 105 x 108 cm Donation de l’artiste en 2001 Inv. : 2001.13.46 © Niki Charitable Art Foundation / Adagp, Paris Crédit photographique : Muriel Anssens/Ville de Nice Copyright : VDN
Visite en famille au sein de l’exposition « Le diable au corps. Quand l’Op Art électrise le cinéma » Copyright : VDN
Atelier croisé avec des étudiants de STAPS et des primaires niçois Copyright : Ville de Nice
Découverte de la collection avec les mallettes pédagogiques Copyright : Ville de Nice
Dans le cadre de La Classe L’œuvre 2019 avec l’association Héliotrope. Imagigrammes Recherches en trois tableaux sur la nature et les fonctions du langage cinématographique Le MAMAC, accompagné par Héliotrope, association de promotion et diffusion du court métrage dans les Alpes-Maritimes. Collège Ségurane, Collège Parc Impérial, Collège Maurice Jaubert Copyright : Ville de Nice
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