Lars Fredrikson


Lars Fredrikson

Lars Fredrikson – Mousse Publishing; Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, 2019
Book direction: Cristiano Raimondi/Floriane Spinetta; Hélène Guenin/Rébecca François, Prefaces H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover, Christian Estrosi, texts Marie-Claude Beaud/Hélène Guenin, Rébecca François, Eva Fabbris, Michael Doser, Jonas (J) Magnusson, Eléonore Bak, Léa Dreyer, 288 p., ill. 27 cm. 978-2-9560210-6-3
MAMAC: 16 November 2019-22 March 2020
Language: Bilingual French-English
30 euros

Lars Fredrikson’s work has been rediscovered over the last ten years without any major event having been organized to date.
Tireless researcher and skilled craftsman, Lars Fredrikson invents a sensitive and singular universe nourished by poetry, plastic experiments and the technologies of his time. A quest connects these practices: to make perceptible energy, telluric, sidereal or interior flows normally invisible.
The exhibition organised at MAMAC and the catalogue produced by the NMNM – Nouveau Musée National de Monaco constitute the first moment of a retrospective and global look at the work. The catalogue, accompanied by a CD, is the very first published reference work on the artist.

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