Keith Sonnier. Light Works


Keith Sonnier, Light Works

Keith Sonnier. Light Works – Knokke-Heist, Guy Pieters Gallery, 2015
Preface Christian Estrosi, Texts Jérôme Neutres, Laura Pippi-Detrey, Interview Keith Sonnier/Linda Yablonsky, 128p., ill, no ISBN
MAMAC: 12 June-29 November 2015
25 euros

The catalogue Light Works accompanies the retrospective devoted to the artist Keith Sonnier, a figure of American art and a pioneer in neon art. He creates an anti-illusionist sculpture and stands against the coldness of minimalist sculpture. Sonnier uses mainly flexible materials (fabrics, ribbons, veils and metal grids) and creates neon lights with curved shapes, inspired by his native land and his travels

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