About Nice. 1947-1977


A propos de nice 1947-1977

A propos de Nice. 1947-1977.- Paris, Somogy éditions d’art, 2017
Exhibition and catalogue curated by: Hélène Guenin assisted by Rébecca François, Mamac
Prefaces Christian Estrosi and Jean-Jacques Aillagon, texts Hélène Guenin and Rebecca François; Géraldine Gourbe and Florence Ostende; Julia Robinson; Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel; Eric de Backer; Anna Dezeuze; Rosemary O’Neil; chronology Elodie Antoine, 200 p., ill., ISBN 97827572 1286 8
Language : French
MAMAC: 23 June – 22 October 2017
25 euros

Nice, 1947: three young men on the beach share the world between themselves.
Yves Klein takes the blue of the sky, Arman seizes the land and its riches while the air goes to the poet Claude Pascal.
From this mythical and casual pact is born a constellation of gestures and encounters that will change the history of art.
In Paris, in 1977, the Centre Pompidou celebrated the artistic emulation of Nice by entrusting the exhibition “About Nice” to one of the actors of this epic: Ben.
In 2017, MAMAC returned to the emergence of this artistic scene, its charismatic personalities and the revolution in gestures, attitudes and forms they announced.

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