Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac. Primal Sound

Décember 6 2019 – May 17 2020



Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac, Ligne, 2019
Wall drawing in situ made with charcoal
Variable dimensions
Simone Simon/Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac

Primal Sound is an invitation to a time travel, from the first pieces of evidence of human life in Nice 400 000 years ago, and from the testimony of cut stones left behind by this group, until the experiences led today by the artist Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac to summon the vibrant memory of those past lives.
Prehistory, methodology and tools used by archaeology, constitute a basis for her work, a material out of which she develops experiences and tales, allowing herself to wander between science and poetic licence, the print left by history and its contemporary reinvention.
Thought as a journey, her exhibition in Nice unfolds from the Prehistory museum of Terra Amata, epicentre of the activity of these first humans, to MAMAC, including la “Colline du Château” where a burial dating from the XIIth and XIIIth centuries filled with funerary remains was discovered in 2013.
This journey through centuries is based on the idea of a Primal Sound an expression borrowed from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. After he discovered with wonder the potential of the first phonographs, he dreamt about an « amazing thing »: « to put into sounds the countless signatures of creation that last in the skeleton, in the stone, (...), the crack in the wood, the walk of an insect ".
The reminiscence of a past world, the intimate dialogue with the witnesses of the past and the magical thought she invests in what seems inert, draw an ode which is sensitive to the memory and the rustling of what is no longer: our origins.

Curated by Hélène Guenin, director of the MAMAC and Bertrand Roussel, director of Archaelogy’s Museums